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  • Bookkeeping and Financial Management For SME’s
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Samford Bookkeeper - Jeremy Creech


So you’re looking for a bookkeeper?

Like most business owners, you’re probably aware of the advantages of having an expert take care of your accounts. With the help of a bookkeeper, your accounts are more likely to stay up-to-date, and stay compliant with the tax office. You’ll also have an expert helping you with BAS, GST, PAYG, and all those other confusing legal requirements.

But did you know that some bookkeepers can offer you even more benefits? Benefits that transform bookkeeping from a time-saving and compliance task, into a profitable business investment?

As a Samford bookkeeper with over 20 years’ accounting and commercial management experience, I offer a bookkeeping service that’s exactly that.

A Samford Bookkeeper Improving Your Profitability

After several years as a practising accounting, I spent two decades working in the mining industry focusing on identifying and implementing opportunities for improving operating performance.

Improving performance helps improve efficiency, which in turn improves profits. It’s a powerful formula. Now, as a Samford bookkeeper with EzyAccounts, I take the same approach to your business.

Using Your Numbers

Like other bookkeepers, I help you to get your business’s accounts in order and keep them that way. I also assist with, and advise on, compliance and other legal tasks.

Once your books are accurate and up to date, however, the real magic can begin.

Using your business numbers, I work with you to help you take control of your business and to identify and implement opportunities for improving your profits and maximising your returns.

To do this, I work hard to develop an intimate understanding of your business operations, so I can discover opportunities for change, growth, and improvement. With my experience developing complex budgets and forecasting models, implementing performance improvement initiatives, and using accounting systems, reports, policies, and procedures, I allow you to concentrate on what you do well – your business – while I do what I do well – helping you to make more money.

Contact Me

Do you want a Samford bookkeeper who can help you to get your books in order, and improve your business’s profits? Then I’d love to hear from you. Contact me today on 1300 313 397 to discuss your business’s needs.

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